2021 Okotoks Election

The ORA invited all mayoral and council candidates to complete a questionnaire to help the Okotoks residents and business owners get to everyone better and be able to compare responses in one place. 

The questions came from various people throughout the community via requests posted on a variety of local Facebook pages/groups. We received more than 70 potential questions, and two of our Executive Members took the time to weed through them all and identify which topics seemed to come up the most. From there, we carefully chose questions that we felt were a clear representation of constituents’ concerns. We corrected grammar and spelling, and we made sure the available response options (ie. free-form text, yes/no/other, multiple-choice) left room for a variety of answers and explanations to remove as much bias as we could while still maintaining the integrity of the original questions we received. Our goal was simply to ask the questions that voters were asking, and most candidates welcomed the opportunity to participate. None of the candidates had access to anyone else’s responses until Sept 27th as we felt it prudent for each candidate to answer the questions on their own, without seeing how others were responding first.

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Or click on individual names below to see each person’s answers in another format:

Brent Robinson

Dan Onerheim

Don Mably

Dusty Froom

Gord Lang

Jakob Hensel

James Lee

Jeff Reinhart

Jessica Maurice

Naydene Lewis

Rachel Swendseid

Rodney Potrie

Ryan Nix

Shawna Lawson

Syed Tassidq Hussain

Wendy Langon

*Note that the rest of the candidates either chose not to participate or submitted their responses after the deadline, and some candidates chose not to answer certain questions. The ORA has not edited or removed any responses. Please feel free to reach out to individual candidates if you have any specific questions or concerns for them. Contact information can be found on the Okotoks.ca website.