About Us

Who are the Okotoks Ratepayers Association?

The Okotoks Ratepayers Association (or ORA) is a group of Okotokians that have registered a non-profit society with the following objectives:

  1. To foster awareness and discussion on the use of public funds, resources, and property
  2. To encourage and facilitate involvement of the ratepayers with our local government, and
  3. To advocate for transparency, responsibility, and accountability of our government.

ORA currently consists of up to 10 Board Members and a Facebook group of 700+ members. We are finalizing the process for donations and memberships and will release those details when they are ready.

ORA has attended nearly every council meeting in the last year, volunteered for Town Committees, and had discussions directly with Councillors and town staff.

ORA has had sit down meetings with CAO Elaine Vincent regarding our tax structure and revenue sources to clarify the Town’s budget and how it operates. CAO Vincent has been very generous with her time and has communicated to us clearly and fairly, and we thank her for that.

ORA’s objectives do not include “stop spending” habits. We want to ensure our elected Municipal Councillors are representing the Ratepayers and residents according to the Municipal Government Act (MGA) as intended.